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Collecting Stories helps creative filmmakers realize their project. The board of the foundation consists of experienced people who have a lot of experience and a broad network both in the field of film and financially. This enables them to support the realization of:

Concept and pitch
Funding and organization
Production and recording
Assembly and post-processing
Marketing and communication
Distribution and display

If you have a good idea, in any of the aforementioned stages, please feel free to contact us to see if we can help with its realization.

  • concept & funding
    design your idea
  • Production & recording
    organization, crew, equipment. Collecting Stories has it or arranges it
  • edit & post-production
    from separate images to a final product
  • publication & marketing
    exhibit in the right place and everyone can know!

own projects

initiated by CS

Collecting Stories initiates own film projects in which the collection of stories is central. The projects are never commercial in nature, have a high level of creativity and level, and contribute to a social or social awareness among the viewer. The projects are about making choices, the influence of family, environment or other factors on the main character. The following elements are central to the projects of Collecting Stories:

Rough and unfiltered
Creative and bold
Social involved
Wide display

View the completed, current and upcoming projects of the Collecting Stories Foundation…

screening & publication

show the world

Collecting Stories believes that screening of the produced films to the right audience is one of the most important spearheads of the foundation. By making both the film and the display and / or distribution ‘tailor-made’, you achieve the optimal impact. Making something is one thing, sharing something is a big deal. Neither recordings Collect stories her responsibility. Opone places the films are screened, often show them public places, sometimes in film houses, occasionally on television.