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Turning 50

A turning point

The Project

Fifty people who turn 50. They were all the same age when they read the same headlines. But being in different places, situations and cultures means they have reacted and dealt with them in their own unique way. And now this major turning point turns up on each of their doorsteps. Turning 50.A milestone, nearing the end while just getting started. Each person’s approach and experience with reaching this notorious age is different. While some feel burned out already and want life to slow down, others consider that it’s the right time for a complete life transformation. Where are they in their life, according to themselves? What are their future dreams or scares? And…how did they get here.

In this project the filmmakers follow and film 50 people in 50 places who are all 50 years of age. Fifty short portraits of people in the ‘center’ of life, about people who are no longer young, but not old either…


Current status: pre-production

The production of Turning 50 will take place in 2022. In collaboration with filmmakers from around the world the portraits will be shot and edited. The Collecting Stories Foundation is working closely with all the content producers in order to maintain the highest consistent quality. CSF assembles the final products for the final post-production in order to continue with publication.


The project will be released in 2023. The premiere will take place in Amsterdam.

The 50 short docs will be available in two forms:

  • The Complete Turning 50 – 50 short docs – approx. 10 hours
  • The Short Complete Turning 50 – 50 portraits- approx. 2 hours

Turning 50 will be available for digital cinema viewing (4K), broadcasting and exhibition.


Get involved with Turning 50! For more information say ‘hi’ to the Turning 50-project leader Menno van Wees through