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What is it like to be ‘in the middle’ of life? Have you found ‘balance’? Are you not old yet, or not so young anymore; where do you think you are on your lifeline?
We ask people who are 50 years old, in 50 countries, in the middle of that country. The result is a fascinating road trip in which balance, experience, future and past are central.
Ordinary people, the same age, captured raw and unfiltered. Read the full project plan below…
Turning 50 project plan
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Affected is a series of film portraits about young people and young adults who have ended up in a certain living situation due to the choices of parents or caregivers.
Do parents realize how much influence their choices can have on (young) children? And how do those same children deal with this later as young adults?
In ‘affected’ we look for answers to these questions and give the subjects the control to tell their story…
Affected project plan