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You most likely know where you come from: the specific place(s) and time where you grew up, and you know your experiences, habits and the choices you’ve made. But have you ever thought about why those elements are the way they are, why do you do the things you do?

the Project

In the Affected [working title] film project we focus on the origin of your life: your parents. Where are they from? How did they live, work, travel, dance and sing? These questions lead to the ultimate theme of Affected : how do or did your parents’ choices affect you?

Affected is a series of film portraits about how the choices parents made have affected their children. The portraits are sincere unpolished stories from people we meet on our own streets, casual encounters in other cities and serendipitous meetings at the other side of the world. We share their insights to inspire other (young) people, spark their interest, compassion and understanding of others and help them make their choices.


The pilot for Affected was shot in Bristol, England. While visiting the city with different motives, filmmaker Menno van Wees stumbled upon a vintage store. What followed was an intriguing encounter with the young shopkeeper who turned out to speak van Wees’s native tongue (Dutch). The question as to how that came about led to a fascinatingly honest insight in her life. Recorded in just a few hours, in the vintage store where she so often can be found.


Current status: pre-production

The production of Affected will take place in 2022


The project will be released in 2022 during the Collecting Stories festival.


Did the Billy-teaser spark your interest? Does the subject of the film project mean something to you? We would love to hear from you!

For more information say ‘hi’ to the Affected-project leader Menno van Wees through