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Sister Cities

The Project

The idea for the SisterCities project is based on the years of experience of the project manager Andrea Wiedemann Bolinger with exchange programs between her home town Lucerne (CH) and the Sistercities around the world. She has seen that while a city can officially sign an agreement to cooperate with another city and build a first link in the relationship, the people in those cities are the ones who bring this cooperation to life. She has seen with amazement how quickly friendships started when you engage with each other, open up and listen to someone else. It creates a beautiful collaboration, in which the same passions and themes are shared.

On the basis of these experiences, the idea came up to film women in the SisterCities who practice the same profession. Women who live on different continents, have different skin colours, speak different languages, but perhaps have the same dreams, desires and fears. SISTERS. Not through blood relation, but connected by the official partnerships of their cities and by the same choice of profession.

In our portraits we guide the women in their cities, at their workplace and in their daily lives. Maybe they bring us to a place in the city that has a special meaning for them. Or we can go to their residential district. Or we just drive through the city with them. We go with them wherever they want. Always with the camera.

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The style of filming ensures that the viewer comes very close to the person. As a result, the films become portraits, which are very honest. We look for answers to a number of topics that connect the women, but also with subjects that distinguish them. The questions are not asked literally, the texts are the result of cooperation and trust between the filmmakers and the women.

They are honest and personal stories of women. From her work, her family, her love, her grief. It is not about politics, religion or world affairs. It’s all about people.

The short films have a length of 12 minutes each. The films are recorded in the original language and then subtitled.

SisterCities, a fantastic idea from Collecting Stories – this project builds bridges!

Films, stills and stories within the Sister Cities project will be available for digital cinema viewing (4K), broadcasting and exhibition.


For more information please contact ambassador Andrea through or phone number +31 6 83 65 64 97