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our goal

At the Collecting Stories Foundation we believe in the power of storytelling. By listening carefully to people and processing their stories with integrity to give others recognition and support in making choices or processing emotions or experiences. The Collecting Stories Foundation foundation functions as an intermediate station of stories, after which they are sent on the right track to the right target group. The strength of the foundation lies in the attention and security of the often vulnerable, open-hearted stories and their storytellers. The integrity of the narrator and the truth of the story are at the forefront at the forefront and must never fall prey to channels that are not dealt with with the utmost care. Our mission is to provide stories the stage they deserve and to reach the right people in terms of content.


who we are

The board of the Stichting Collecting Stories Foundation consists of three directors each with a specific quality and interest. Together the board forms a solid organization that stands for its goal.

Team member
Andrea Wiedmann Bolinger
Team member
Sanne de Jong
Team member
Menno van Wees