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stolen art

art theft is a common crime. While the victims are deeply touched by the empty walls and showcases that it leaves behind, the thieves often do not know what to do with the stolen goods. Collecting Stories went to Kiev to pick up a number of stolen paintings and bring them back to the West Frisian museum. At the same time we made a number of portraits of victims of art theft.


  • 28:52
  • Menno van Wees
  • 2017
  • Grapefruit Moon | Westfries Museum
  • Ukraine | Netherlands
  • Dutch | English subtitles
  • Ad Geerdink
  • Ronald de Jager
  • Menno van Wees
  • Mandy de Moel

The film and portraits were part of the exposition ‘Roofgoed’ in the Westfries Museum in Hoorn, The Netherlands.

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victims of art theft

Henk Helmantel

03:46 | Dutch spoken / English subtitles

Tibo v/d Zand

03:30 | Dutch spoken / English subtitles