The Friends of Collecting Stories are extremely valuable and important to us. Together we create projects, develop concepts and collect special stories that we show to a wide audience. Every Friend is different and we build a different relationship with everyone: some Friends are our ambassadors and tell our story, others are our partners and together we produce projects and another Friend supports us by making his/her available expertise and resources.
There are several ways to get involved or contribute to the Collecting Stories Foundation. All support that CSF receives is extremely valuable, because together we create the best content and provide the right conditions to collect even more stories and show them to the widest possible audience. We welcome any support that is in solidarity with our values and goals.
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Are you also curious about the special hidden stories of people from your area or further away?
As a supporter, you help us collect these stories and we will ensure that you are the first to see and hear them. You will also see, hear and read exclusive content about the background of the projects. The foundation is happy with any amount and we can take a step towards starting more projects.
You can make a one-time donation via the link below


As an ambassador of the Collecting Stories Foundation, you actively work to achieve the foundation’s goals. This could be by supporting a specific project or the foundation as a whole.
For example, you may want to become an ambassador of Collecting Stories because:
  • You love film, documentaries in particular, and you want to use your network or expertise.
  • A particular project really appeals to you and you want to be an active part of it.
  • The foundation, its objectives and/or board appeal to you and you want to support it.


working together
In order to achieve our goals as a foundation, we would like to collaborate with driven and committed partners who want to share their services and/or goods or make them available (temporarily) on a non-profit basis.
This includes supporting a project, facilitating a location, transport, co-production of a film, or support in organizing an event.
Are you, as a company, institution or self-employed, interested in working with us (on a project basis) and do you agree with our goals? We would love to hear from you.