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As an ambassador of the Collecting Stories Foundation you are actively engaged to achieve the goal of the foundation. This can be done by supporting a certain project or the foundation as a whole. Our ambassadors are networkers and open doors that otherwise remain closed, or use their own expertise.

You may want to become the Ambassador of Collecting Stories for a number of reasons:

You love film, documentary in particular, and want to learn more about this world, or are you already very much at home and you can use your network or expertise for the projects of Collecting Stories.
A certain project appeals to you enormously and you are an active part of it.
The foundation, its objective and / or management appeals to you and you want to support them.

But who are we. Perhaps you have very different motives for becoming an ambassador. anyway, we like to see how we can strengthen and help each other. Let’s do this especially ‘live’ with us in Enkhuizen or another inspiring place! Contact us to make an appointment (without obligation).